How YOU Can Help “The Blue Light” Succeed!

Hi everyone!
Welcome to the very first blog post of The Blue Light. As you may have already seen or heard, The Blue Light is becoming the OFFICIAL blog and podcast for the community of Garretson. Our goal is simple – we want to connect people in the community to each other and to display the value of living, working, and doing business in Garretson!

Before I share the specifics of how this will happen, I thought it would be good to share a little bit about me! I live here in Garretson with my wife Ashley and my daughter Ava. Ava is almost 1 ½ years old so we are still in the early stages of parenting and have already realized we have no idea what we are doing… but we are making it work! Both Ashley & I grew up in Pipestone and we graduated high school there. I am currently in the final stages of attaining my Master of Divinity degree from Sioux Falls Seminary. I have a little bit of a hectic schedule for in addition to school I also have two jobs! I work part-time at Southeast Technical Institute in the Student Success department and I work full-time at Renovation Church right here in Garretson as the Lead Pastor!

Here’s what you can expect on a weekly basis from The Blue Light:

  • A weekly blog post (300 – 500 words) highlighting an aspect of the community or sharing a cool story about Garretson. The goal of these posts will be to connect people to the community in an engaging and relevant manner. In the near future I hope to do a series of posts sharing thirteen ways for community members to add value to Garretson in practical ways.
  • A weekly video podcast episode (approximately 30 – 40 minutes long). These will be streamed live on Facebook and then posted here for people to watch and listen to. For each of these episodes I sit down with a local community member and interview them to hear their story.  I have learned that everyone has a story to share – it’s my job to help people realize they DO have a story and to help them share it!

But here’s the thing – I need YOUR help! This will not succeed without the support of the community as a whole. Because of this, I am challenging you to do at least one of the following:

  1. Share this post on social media! One of the best ways to support what we are doing through the blog and podcast is to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc!
  2. Have coffee with me! I love to meet people who are passionate about the community. If you reach out to me by leaving a comment or sending me a message on Facebook, I would love to buy you coffee at O So Good and connect with you.
  3. Offer your talent! I am looking to create a team of people who would like to contribute to the blog or podcast. If you enjoy writing, speaking, or photography – I’d love for you to help us make this a success.

One of the exciting events happening this week is a Mayoral Candidate Forum hosted by the Garretson Gazette and Grow Garretson. This is on Sunday, March 25th at 1pm at the Old Gym in the school. I will be running sound for the event so feel free to stop by and introduce yourself. Other than that, have a great week and enjoy the warm weather that will hopefully be coming soon!

– Tyler Ramsbey