The Beauty of Community (The Blue Light)

One of the reasons I love Garretson is the strong concept of community that people hold. Community comes from the root word “common” and it is a sense of living life in common with each other. People in Garretson are deeply passionate about our small town and I was reminded of this fact last Sunday during the Mayoral Candidate Forum. I could be wrong but I am pretty certain there is no other small town that has three candidates running for mayor, hosted a candidate mayoral forum, and streamed the forum on Facebook Live – accepting questions from both the physical audience and online audience. That’s pretty impressive! As of today (Thursday, March 29th) the Mayoral Forum has already received 1700+ views and I have had multiple people approach me to talk about the three different candidates and to discuss the strengths of each one – I am seriously amazed that people are actually interested in a mayoral election for once!

All three candidates (Greg Beaner, Bruce Brown, and Tom Godbey) displayed a deep commitment to the people of Garretson. They tackled questions such as the possible hog facility outside of town, the need for more housing options, and the problems we will face in the future as we continue to grow. My hope is that The Blue Light Blog & Podcast can help facilitate future conversations around these topics. One of the visions I have as the new mayor is elected is to do an online Mayoral Forum at least once every few months. It would be an opportunity for the Mayor to share vision for the community and to answer questions from the Facebook Live audience. I believe this would foster community input and encourage engagement with local leadership.

So what’s my point in writing all of this? To encourage you to actually go and vote on Tuesday, April 10th! I would love to see an INCREDIBLE voter turnouts for our small town so that people outside of our community can realize what a great place Garretson is to live, work, and play!

P.S. – I had the opportunity to interview Dave Greenlee from Tucker’s Walk for the Podcast this week. Check out the interview below:

The Blue Light Podcast – Dave Greenlee from Tucker's Walk!

The Blue Light Podcast – Dave Greenlee from Tucker's Walk!

Posted by The Blue Light Blog & Podcast on Wednesday, March 28, 2018

– Tyler Ramsbey