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The Blue Light Podcast (Humble Hill Winery)

In this episode, we had the honor of sitting down with the owners of Humble Hill Winery. Be sure to visit them this summer to enjoy some incredible wine! Humble Hill Winery – The Blue Light Podcast Humble Hill Winery -The Blue Light Podcast Posted by The Blue Light Blog & Podcast on Thursday, May […]

Keloland Living – Featuring Garretson!

This past week, Kris Frerk had the honor of being featured on Keloland Living. She did an excellent job promoting the community of Garretson and inviting people to visit our community this summer. Be sure to watch the interview below and share it on social media! Keloland Living – City of Garretson

The Garretson Historians (The Blue Light)

I wanted to briefly introduce myself because I know not all of you will know me. My name is Jakob Etrheim. While I currently don’t live in Garretson, I spent the first 23 years of my life as a Garretson resident. I graduated from GHS in 2011, the third generation to do so. My parents […]

The Blue Light Podcast – Kris Frerk

For this episode, I had the honor of sitting down with Kris Frerk to learn about the new daycare facility that is going to be built this year! Unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties with the video so I am only able to share the audio. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to get Kris on […]

Challenge #1: Be Present

One of the best ways individual community members can add value to Garretson is deceptively simple – being fully present. Community has slowly shifted from being a shared life to shared space. In order to return to the original concept of community, we must refocus on having a shared life together. One of the greatest […]

Growth or Health? (The Blue Light)

At the mayoral forum two weeks ago, one of the questions posed to the candidates was, “How big do you want Garretson to grow?” This is a question that many people in our community ponder. We know that Garretson is at a critical point for a small town – we have new businesses and people […]

The Beauty of Community (The Blue Light)

One of the reasons I love Garretson is the strong concept of community that people hold. Community comes from the root word “common” and it is a sense of living life in common with each other. People in Garretson are deeply passionate about our small town and I was reminded of this fact last Sunday […]

How YOU Can Help “The Blue Light” Succeed!

Hi everyone! Welcome to the very first blog post of The Blue Light. As you may have already seen or heard, The Blue Light is becoming the OFFICIAL blog and podcast for the community of Garretson. Our goal is simple – we want to connect people in the community to each other and to display […]